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Did You Know: CSIA won the 2005 ASAE Gold Circle Award as the best association online newsletter?
November2007 CSIA Applauds Senate Passage of Cybercrime Bill, New Information Security Initiatives Launched in October, Commission Presents Proposals for EU Telecoms Review, RSA Conference Europe 2007, Cyber Security Corner: Using International Standards in your Compliance Program , A Conversation with Senator Patrick Leahy
October 2007 Symantec Reports Cyber Criminals Are Becoming Increasingly Professional, Schwarzenegger Vetoes California Data Breach Bill, European Commission Promotes Public-Private Dialogue in Security Research, Cyber Security Corner: Security and Regulatory Compliance Technologies Need to Converge, A Conversation with Representative Jim Langevin, It's About the Database!
September 2007 CSIA Compiles Directory of Cyber Security Data Sources, Survey Highlights Challenges of Securing Sensitive Data, UK House of Lords Wants Data Security Breach Notification Law, Long Term Data Integrity and Compliance Tips, Social Engineering: Good Triggers and Bad Triggers
July-August 2007 Timothy Jemal Joins CSIA , New Survey Shows Data Breaches Undermine Consumer Confidence, Future of the ENISA Debated, New Opinion by Article 29 Working Party on the Concept of Personal Data, Long Term Data Integrity and Compliance Tips, Defending Against Cyber Warfare
June 2007 House Passes I-SPY Act, Legal Precendent Set on Authenticating Electronic Evidence, New EU Cybercrime Initiative, Taking a Strategic View of IT Risk Management, A Call for US Privacy Legislation to Catch Up to EU-set Standards
May 2007 CSIA Reacts to Recent Government Reports, CSIA Board Visits Capitol Hill, CSIA at InfoSecurity Europe, AvoID Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend The FTC's Cyber Security Campaign
April 2007 Congressional ID Theft Hearing, IRS Security Weak, CSIA European Parliament Cybersecurity Discussions, EU on RFID, A "Gated" Approach to Cybersecurity
March 2007 Data breaches, OMB report on FISMA compliance, RSA 2007 highlights, PCI Security Standards Council, recommendations for improving FISMA compliance
December 2006 Executive Director's year end review; U.S. developments in chemical and nuclear industry cyber security, new e-discovery for data retention expectations, E.U. SWIFT, Spam and NATO developments; portable USB security devices
November 2006 National Cyber Security Awareness Month Resolution Approved by House, IBM Internet Security Systems on VoIP security
October 2006 National Cyber Security Awareness Month, 109th Congress Cyber Security Synoposis, Senator Olympia Snowe on the Small Business Information Security Act of 2006
September 2006 CSIA Calls for Strategic National Information Assurance Policy, Senator Conrad Burns Reviews his 2003 CAN-SPAM and SPY-BLOCK Acts
Summer 2006 Senators Leahy, Schumer and Nelson and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez call for an Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Telecommunications
June 2006 Senator Richard Lugar urges Congress to ratify The Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention;  Georgia State Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker advocates for a single federal consumer data protection law
May 2006 Digital Index Survey Poll Shows Americans Want Congress to Do More to Protect Them Online Score of "57" Shows Consumers Uneasy with Network Security
April 2006 CSIA Board Takes Cyber Security Message to Congress
March 2006 Data Breach Notification Legislation
February 2006 Second Anniversary Edition - Focus on Spyware
January 2006 Return of the 109th Congress
December 2005 CSIA Releases National Agenda for Government Action on Information Security
November 2005 National Electronic Health Records: How Close Are We?
October 2005 National Cyber Security Awareness Month
September 2005 CSIA Expands Its Focus to Europe
July / August 2005 The Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Telecommunications: Renewed Leadership from DHS
June 2005 The Paradox of Emerging Technologies
May 2005 Cyber Security: Seeing the Forest for the Trees
April 2005 Focus on Spyware
March 2005 VoIP and Privacy Legislation
February 2005 Preview of the 109th Congress
January 2005 CSIA Kicks Off SOX Compliance Initiative
December 2004 CSIA Rolls Out Agenda for the Next Administration
November 2004 The States and Cyber Security
October 2004 Top Ten Cyber Security Tips
September 2004 Special Feature Spyware: In Depth