Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter •  Volume 2, Number 8 • April 2006

Executive Director’s Message

CSIA board members, in Washington for our April 4 meeting, visited Capitol Hill to meet with leading members of Congress to discuss CSIA’s top initiatives. The meetings covered legislative initiatives critical to the information security industry and ultimately the health of America’s economy. But the most pressing was the need for a national law requiring the implementation and enforcement of security measures in order to help reduce data breaches.


CSIA Board Members Take Cyber Security Message to Congress

CSIA board members took their message to Congress. The Board distributed the letter below to the top leadership of both houses of Congress, calling for action on key legislation before the end of the year.

CSIA Letter to Congress On Data Protection

Dear Congressional Leaders:

Over the past year more than 52 million records of Americans’ private personal information – an average of 142,000 per day – have been hacked into, lost, stolen or otherwise compromised from digital databases.


Global Perspectives


The European Parliament adopted a Resolution on i2010 at its plenary session on 14 March 2006. Relevant extracts include:

  • "Digital convergence has the potential to provide consumers with access to a great diversity of improved services and rich content, and thus, the security of the infrastructure must be improved and strengthened and a favourable and secure environment created which stimulates the competitive deployment of these converging services."


CSIA Member Spotlight

About Vontu

About Vontu: Vontu is the leading provider of Data Loss Prevention solutions for both data at rest and data in motion. Vontu allows organizations to discover and protect exposed confidential information, monitor all network traffic, block select email, FTP and web communications, and automatically enforce data loss prevention policies.


Consumer Data Protection: Why We Need a National Standard

All of us in the security software industry are keenly aware that identity theft has become a huge issue for the American public. Under increasing pressure from consumer organizations, many state legislatures have passed data breach notification bills, and the U.S. Congress is now crafting legislation designed to establish a national consumer data protection law.


Congressional Spotlight

Congresswoman Mary Bono (R-CA)

Notable:Congresswoman Bono is currently serving her fourth term in office. Elected to Congress in 1998, the Congresswoman has worked extensively to improve health care, education and the environment. Congresswoman Bono introduced H.R. 29, "Securely Protect Yourself Against Cyber Trespass Act," (SPY Act) in January of 2005.


Are You Aware of Spyware?

Movie characters such as James Bond have made "spying" a profession of intrigue and entrainment on the big screen, but when it comes to your computer, spies are the last thing you want lurking around your hard-drive. Often quietly downloading themselves onto your computer without your knowledge while you are online, internet spies, or Spyware programs, can threaten the security of your personal information and place the stability of your hard-drive at risk.