Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter •  Volume 3, Number 1  • September 2006

Executive Director’s Message

September marks the five-year anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. It is a solemn time of remembrance and reflection for all Americans, including those of us at CSIA.


CSIA Calls for Strategic National Information Assurance Policy

In testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, CSIA's Paul Kurtz highlighted the importance of our nation’s cyber systems, calling them the newest and most pervasive portion of our critical infrastructure, and discussed the federal government’s role in its protection.


The Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime Ratified

On Thursday, August 3, the Senate ratified the Convention on Cybercrime adopted through the Council of Europe. The Convention was signed by the United States in November 2001, and is the first and only international, multilateral treaty specifically addressing the need for cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of computer network crimes.


California Passes Wi-Fi Consumer Notification Law

The California state legislature has passed a bill to help educate and protect the personal information of consumers who access the Internet through a WiFi router. AB 2415, or the "Wi-Fi User Protection Bill", introduced by Speaker Fabian Núñez (D), calls for Wi-Fi router manufacturers to warn consumers against "piggybacking," or unauthorized sharing of wireless access.


CSIA Consumer Data Protection Advocacy Goes Mainstream

In preparation for October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, CSIA has prepared a public service announcement on how consumers can protect their personal information from being stolen and what to do if it is.


CSIA Newsletter Wins Gold Circle Communications Award

CSIA is proud to announce that our monthly newsletter has won a prestigious Communication Gold Circle Award from ASAE and The Center for Association Leadership.


Congressional Spotlight

Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT)

Notable:  In 1997, Senator Burns became Chairman of the Communications Subcommittee, one of the major regulatory posts in Congress. Since then he has been praised as "one of the fathers of the modern Internet," standing for deregulation, the roll-out of broadband in rural areas, and pushing for new Internet and mobile phone technologies.


Fighting a Global Threat on Individual Internet Use

Rapid advancement in internet development has enhanced how we connect with family and friends, improved how business is conducted, and provided greater access to information. However such accessibility and innovation have also created new challenges by increasing threats such as those caused by vulnerabilities and exploitation by bad actors.


CSIA Member Spotlight

SurfControl plc

About SurfControl: SurfControl plc (LSE: SRF), makes Internet communication a business advantage – and not a threat. Best-in-class products and solutions help customers achieve business and regulatory compliance, increased security and control, and improved resource efficiency.


Burglar in the Basement

Historically, the approach to enterprise security has been to make the fortress bigger - install more products, write more policies. Yet despite heightened security awareness and cutting-edge tools, 2005 was the worst year on record for corporate security breaches. The problem is, attackers are as advanced as the defenders — and the attacks don’t always come from the expected direction.


Global Perspectives


Making Europe’s online content market more competitive – Commission opens public consultation: a public consultation on ways to stimulate the growth of a true EU single market for online digital content, such as films, music and games, was launched by the European Commission on 28 July 2006. The Commission intends to encourage the development of innovative business models and to promote the cross-border delivery of diverse online content services.