Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 2 • October 2005

Executive Director’s Message

I recently moderated a discussion on identity theft, and as part of my presentation, I asked the attendees for a show of hands of those who bank online. About half the group raised their hands, which prompted a discussion about the security measures these individuals are taking, and more importantly, what measures they should be taking when submitting their personal information online.


October Is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The National Cyber Security Alliance is recognizing October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month by reaching out to consumers, educators, students, and small businesses to promote safe online practices to each of these groups. NCSA’s efforts so far have included cyber security awareness media campaigns reaching an estimated 25 million consumers, working with EDUCAUSE to bring events to 41 universities, and seeing 30 Governors sign proclamations recognizing NCSA Month.


CSIA Hosts Live TV Demo Demonstrating the Need for Cyber Security at Home

On Monday, October 17, WTTG Fox 5 Morning News, a Washington, DC television station, filmed a live demonstration at CSIA Headquarters showing web surfers downloading and removing Spyware. The message to viewers: there is a clear need for users to have an increased awareness of cyber security at home.


Nominate the RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy Award Winner!

Each year, the industry-wide RSA Conference presents awards for excellence in a variety of categories. For the second straight year, the award for public policy is co-sponsored by the Cyber Security Industry Alliance. Nominations will be judged by CSIA members, and Executive Director Paul Kurtz will present the award to the recipient(s).


Global Perspectives


The Commission issued a Communication on digital libraries, which it defines as organised collections of digital content made available to the public. The initiative is part of i2010 and aims to make European information resources easier and more interesting to use in an online environment.


CSIA Member Spotlight

About Surety

About Surety: Surety is a privately held, IT security software and services company, based in Herndon, VA. Founded by two prominent Bellcore scientists in 1994, Surety provides software, and operates a third-party digital time-stamping service, enabling our customers to mitigate their legal and regulatory risk when managing their electronic assets.


About Vontu, Inc.

About Vontu: Vontu 5.0 allows Fortune 500 companies to automatically enforce data security policy by allowing companies to discover confidential information wherever it is stored, monitor all network traffic, and block email and web communications that violate policy. By reducing the frequency, scale and severity of both inadvertent and malicious data loss incidents, Vontu enables organizations to reduce financial risk, protect customer loyalty and ensure compliance with government regulations.


Congressional Spotlight:
Representative Fred Upton (MI-6)

Biography: In the House of Representatives, Fred is a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is currently chairman of the powerful Telecommunications Subcommittee. Regarded as one of the younger, more active members of Congress, he is widely seen as a perfect fit for this chairmanship of this important subcommittee, which has jurisdiction over newly emerging high-tech issues such as telemedicine, broadband deployment, and the wiring of America's classrooms for Internet technology.