Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 2 • October 2005

CSIA Hosts Live TV Demo Demonstrating the Need for Cyber Security at Home

On Monday, October 17, WTTG Fox 5 Morning News, a Washington, DC television station, filmed a live demonstration at CSIA Headquarters showing web surfers downloading and removing Spyware. The message to viewers: there is a clear need for users to have an increased awareness of cyber security at home.

Tony Vincent, of CSIA member firm Symantec, conducted the demonstration, which began with three people surfing the web, one visiting shopping websites, one searching sports-related sites, and the third searching youth-related sites. The computers used for the demo were all new and directly out of the box.

Each surfer attempted to collect as much spyware as possible in one hour. After one hour, each surfer installed antivirus software to detect and remove the malware. The results showed that the shopping surfer downloaded 12 pieces of spyware, 9 pieces were downloaded by the sports surfer, and the youth surfer pulled down only 1 piece of spyware. All items were detected and removed using the software.