Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 5 • January 2006

Executive Director’s Message

2006 is but a half month old and we have already seen two significant data breaches. There has also been an early flurry of Hill activity: the Abramoff scandal, Supreme Court hearings, and USA Patriot Act debates for starters. With the returning 109th Congress clearly focused on upcoming elections and this legislative landscape of conflicting priorities, CSIA has kicked into high gear, confident that security issues are voter issues.


2006 Congressional Landscape

We enter the second session of the 109th Congress with a broad agenda that includes both substantial unfinished business from the first session as well as pressing new matters – even as legislators gear up for elections in November and brace for potentially transformative Abramoff scandal revelations and ethics reforms.

The Senate has already begun hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito, which are likely to consume a great deal of the Judiciary Committee’s time over the next month or two. The temporary extension of the massive USA Patriot Act expires at the end of January, with no indication of how members will bridge the differences that derailed its final passage in December.


Data Integrity Summit

The American Record Management Association (ARMA) reports that more than 90% of all business records today are electronic. The growth of electronic records, and how they are managed, processed and stored, poses business, financial, legal and operational risks when analyzed in the context of recent laws and regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxley. Safeguarding the integrity of electronic against unauthorized alteration or destruction is increasingly becoming a business imperative; demonstrating that such alteration and destruction has not occurred could make the difference between prevailing or not in a legal or regulatory dispute.


CSIA Events at RSA 2006

Paul Kurtz to Name Excellence in Public Policy 2006 Award Winner

Each year, the industry-wide RSA Conference presents awards for excellence in a variety of categories. The RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy Award is designed to recognize significant contributions and leadership in the field of information security and privacy public policy.


CSIA Town Hall Meeting

CSIA is hosting a town hall discussion featuring Paul Twomey of ICANN in an open discussion of the role of National States in Internet Governance.


Celebrate CSIA’s Second Birthday

Join us for CSIA's Second Birthday Party and celebrate our second year of extraordinary accomplishments! The celebration will be held during the RSA conference and, incidentally, the Olympics.


RSA 2006: Schedule of CSIA Events

The complete guide to CSIA speakers and events at RSA Conference 2006, San Jose, February 13 - 17, 2006.


Global Perspectives


The European Commission’s Directorate General for the Information Society issued a benchmarking report on 19 December 2005. The report provides an overview of the state of the information society across the EU since i2010 was adopted and a check on progress since the launch of eEurope 2005 in 2003 (i2010’s predecessor). It also provides a first analysis of the information society in the ten member states that joined the EU in May 2004.


CSIA Member Spotlight

Citadel Security Software

About Citadel Security Software: Citadel Security Software delivers security solutions that enable organizations to manage risk, reduce threats and enforce compliance with security policies and regulations. Citadel’s proven architecture provides a business process to manage the increasing volume, frequency, and complexity of cyber security attacks. Citadel combines the world’s largest active library of remediations spanning all classes of vulnerabilities with a proven delivery methodology to dramatically streamline vulnerability management and security compliance and provide ROI from the first use.


Cyber Security: No Longer Just a Nuisance

Would a business owner ever even conceive of leaving a supply warehouse or a manufacturing plant unlocked or unprotected? Would we be concerned if folks stopped going to shopping malls because they were afraid of being robbed or hijacked?