Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 4  • December 2005

Executive Director’s Message

The end of the year is a time when we review the goals we set in January, analyzing both accomplishments and shortcomings, and then refocusing our goals and planning a new strategy to move forward in the year ahead.

This week, CSIA reviewed Congress’ and the Administration’s 2005 information security actions by releasing our National Agenda for Government Action on Information Security in 2006.


CSIA Releases National Agenda for Government Action on Information Security

CSIA has called on the federal government to assert greater leadership in the protection of our information infrastructure in 2006. This week, we released our National Agenda for Information Security in 2006, identifying 13 specific actions required to improve information security for consumers, industry and governments globally. As part of the Agenda, CSIA has provided a report of the government’s limited progress in information security in 2005 and released a new Digital Confidence Index that reflects the public’s lack of confidence in our nation’s critical infrastructure.


Internet Security Survey Yields Digital Confidence Index of 58

Americans are more than twice as likely to believe that government needs to make protecting our information systems and networks a higher priority (65 percent) as they are to believe that government is placing the right emphasis on this effort (29 percent).

CSIA's second Internet Security National Survey of 1,151 adults reveals that adults are not confident in the safety of the various networks that have become an integral part of modern life, such as the Internet, the telecommunications network and the power grid.


Global Perspectives

Directive on Data Retention Adopted

On 14 December 2005 the European Parliament voted in a plenary session to approve the European Commission's proposal for a directive on data retention. It calls for data to be retained by telecommunications companies for a minimum of six months with the possibility for individual member states to extend that to 24 months if necessary.


CSIA Member Spotlight

About Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc)

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Nominate the RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy Award Winner!

Each year, the industry-wide RSA Conference presents awards for excellence in a variety of categories. For the second straight year, the award for public policy is co-sponsored by the Cyber Security Industry Alliance. Nominations will be judged by CSIA members, and Executive Director Paul Kurtz will present the award to the recipient(s).