Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 4  • December 2005

Nominate the RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy Award Winner!

Each year, the industry-wide RSA Conference presents awards for excellence in a variety of categories. For the second straight year, the award for public policy is co-sponsored by the Cyber Security Industry Alliance. Nominations will be judged by CSIA members, and Executive Director Paul Kurtz will present the award to the recipient(s).

The RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy Award is designed to recognize significant contributions and leadership in the field of information security and privacy public policy. The judging committee seeks to reward nominees who hold elected or appointed office, are associated with public interest organizations or are associated with an organization that has significantly contributed to the development or application of current information security and/or privacy policy.

All CSIA members are welcome and encouraged to submit nominations for the Award by December 30. To submit your nominee(s) or for more information on the RSA Conference 2006 Excellence in Public Policy award, visit the RSA Conference website at

Past recipients include:

Orson Swindle
Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission

Robert Bennett
U.S. Senator, Utah

Sherwood Boehlert
U.S. Representative, New York

Tom Davis
U.S. Representative, Virginia

NIST Advanced Encryption Standard Committee

Ed Gillespie and Jack Quinn
Executive Director and Co-Chairman of Americans for Computer Privacy