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CSIA Policy Papers 


Issue Date

HIPAA: Get the Facts August 2007
Europe Convention on Cybercrime: Get the Facts August 2007
GLBA: Get the Facts July 2007
Data Retention: Get the Facts July 2007
CSIA response to the European Commissionís green paper on the review of the consumer acquis May 2007
CSIA Comments to Study on Availability and Robustness of Electronic Communications Infrastructures May 2007
PCI Data Security Standard: Get the Facts May 2007
SCADA: Get the Facts Apr 2007
SPAM: Get the Facts Jan 2007
ISO 27001: Get the Facts Jan 2007
Chemical Plant Security: Get the Facts Nov 2006

Data Manipulation:  Get the Facts

FFIEC:  Get the Facts

CSIA Recommendations for DHS

FISMA: Get the Facts

Nov 2006

Nov 2006

Oct 2006

Sept 2006

Phishing: Get the Facts Sept 2006
Data Security: Get the Facts (updated January 2007) Aug 2006
Spyware: Get the Facts Aug 2006
Telework: Get the Facts Aug 2006
Response to the European Commission on Electronic Data Security Policy Jan 2006
National Agenda for Information Security in 2006 Dec 2005
Securing Data under the Proposed EU Data Retention Draft Directive Dec 2005
IT Security and SOX Compliance: Conference Summary of Findings and Conclusions Aug 2005
Federal Funding for Cyber Security R & D July 2005
Making Telework a Federal Priority: Security Is Not the Issue July 2005
Teaching Children Cyber Security and Ethics July 2005
Cyber Security for IP Telephony May 2005
Policy Considerations for Securing Electronic Data April 2005
Ten Steps for Securing Electronic Health Care Systems April 2005
Agenda for the Next Administration Dec 2004
Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Implementation of Information Technology and Security Objectives Dec 2004
Ratifying the European Convention on Cybercrime Oct 2004
Talking Points for Cyber Security Oct 2004
NIAP Certification: Proposals by CSIA for Strengthening Security Certification July 2004