Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 3 • November 2005

Executive Director’s Message

The holidays are upon us, and Congress will be working long hours to tie up loose ends before the year's end. CSIA has focused our efforts this past month on some key items that Congress is currently working through, particularly data breach notification and spyware legislation.

These two issues have been on the Congressional agenda for some time now, and they continue to receive considerable attention from Members, consumers, and the private sector. Industry, consumer advocacy groups and other organizations have shifted into high gear, as we all prepare for last minutes changes and floor votes. Given the rash of data breaches this year, and the heightened awareness of the harms of spyware and identity theft, CSIA anticipates heavy debate on these issues within the next few months, with possible passage of final laws in the first half of 2006.

On December 13,
CSIA rolls out our

National Agenda for
Information Security
in 2006

at the
National Press Club
in Washington, DC

Stay tuned for details!

  Another high profile issue that CSIA is tracking closely is health
  information technology and the push for an electronic health
  records system. The President’s initiative to move to an EHR system   is being met with a range of bills from Congress, many of which
  include provisions to secure personal health information. We
  explore the challenges we face in Health IT and how industry is
  working with government to move to a seamless, secure system.

  Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut weighs in on the issue as
  well. As sponsor of S. 1223, the Information Technology for Health
  Care Quality Act, which works to improve the quality and efficiency
  of health care delivery through improvements in health care
  information technology, Senator Dodd has taken an active interest
  advocating for health IT. He gives us his perspective on the
  importance of a secure health IT system and how we can progress in the field of healthcare.

And finally, we hear from CSIA member firm Citrix, which has identified some of the problem areas in securing health IT, established a vision of successful and secure access, and offers its own technological solutions.