Cyber Security Industry Alliance Newsletter • Volume 2, Number 6  • February 2006

CSIA Events at RSA 2006

Ari Schwartz Earns the RSA Excellence in Public Policy 2006 Award


Anti Spyware activist Ari Schwartz
is named the RSA 2006
Excellence in Public Policy Winner

CSIA co-sponsors the RSA Conference 2006 Award for Excellence in the Field of Public Policy in recognition of significant contributions and leadership in the field of information security and privacy public policy. Previous recipients have included former Federal Trade Commissioner Orson Swindle, Senator Robert Bennett of Utah and the National Institite of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Encryption Standard Committee.

This year, the award goes to Ari Schwartz, Deputy Director, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), whose hard work in protecting consumers’ privacy on the Internet and in making information records more accessible has constituted a public service of the highest order.

For two years, Ari and the CDT have been a driving force for building industry consensus on defining both spyware and best practices to fight it. Ari and CDT have played the role of honest brokers in this debate, as they have many times before on key technology policy issues, from telecommunications reform to government transparency.

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CSIA Town Hall Meeting

What is the Role of Government in Securing the Internet?
US and International Perspectives 

Thursday, Feb 16
Noon - 1:00 pm
San Jose Convention Center, Ballroom A1

Stewart Baker Paul Twomey

Governments and the private sector alike depend on the Internet to secure citizens, drive global commerce, and share information. A major debate erupted last year over the broad issue of Internet governance and the role of the nation state in the security and stability of the Internet.

For a discussion on U.S. and international perspectives on the role of government, please join:

Stewart Baker, Assistant Secretary of Policy, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Paul Twomey,  CEO of Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Each speaker holds great expertise and a significant role in helping to ensure the security and stability of the Internet.  Dr. Twomey will offer an international perspective on how goverments participate today in the operation of the Internet.   Assistant Secretary Baker will discuss the role of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States in securing the Internet as well as the role of the Internet in its mission, including information sharing.  

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