Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Fishing Charter

It can be quite difficult to find a fishing charter that caters to all your needs. Sometimes you will find one but they are already booked for the schedule you want. There are a lot of other chartered boats that you can hire but you need to ask a few things first before deciding to hire their service.

Ask For Price

Before you decide to hire a fishing charter, you need to ask the complete price you will be paying. Make sure to include other miscellaneous fees such the baits, tackles, food, and beverages. Most of the time, chartered boats provide the snacks for free while the baits and tackles are usually paid as extras. Make sure to ask them the whole breakdown of the amount you are paying.

Is there a Reservation Fee?

Due to a lot of people hiring chartered fishing boats, you might need to pay a reservation fee to guarantee the date you are planning to go fishing. Reservation is usually done 2-3 weeks prior to the desired date to ensure that there will be a slot reserved for you. Ask how much the reservation fee is and if it is already included in the total amount you will be paying after the trip.

Ask if the Captain Has a License

Make sure to ask for proof that the captain of the boat is licensed by the coast guard. You can also inspect the boat for any safety measures which make your trip enjoyable. If the captain does not have the appropriate license, then you should look for another boat to hire.

Ask for a Detailed Schedule

You need to ask a detailed schedule of the day’s activities such as the departure time, how long will it take to the fishing spot, how long will you stay on that spot before moving to another location and what time is the return time. If there are other activities scheduled such as whale or dolphin watching or island hopping then make sure that it does not take too much time on your fishing hours.

Ask For References

It would be a good idea to ask for some references like their previous clients so that you can go to them or contact them and ask how their experience was hiring the specific fishing charter. If almost all the references claimed that they had a great time fishing with the boat they chartered, then it would be safe for you to hire the fishing charter.

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